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林恭正+Barbora Žižková+Antonin Srp+吉崎努

アーティスト:Barbora Žižková+Antonin Srp

- 安芸津を描く -










- Drawing Setouchi Akitsu -

Barbora, an artist who travels the world while creating paintings, stayed in Ahikatsu for three days. Inspired by her stay, she displayed 15 new artworks alongside her previous creations.

Under the theme "Peering at the World from Ahikatsu," she attempted to create a three-dimensional experience by suspending the wooden elements from the ceilings of old traditional houses using fishing lines. In this display, Ahikatsu's works were placed in the foreground, while artworks from various countries adorned the background.

She depicted various scenes of Ahikatsu, including its temples and shrines, the power lines that crisscross the town, and the seascape reflecting the setting sun. These scenes were portrayed with a unique color palette, distinctive of each respective country.

"Power lines may be a common sight in European landscapes, but they bring an expectation of the town continuing and serve as guidelines for the continuous townscapes shaped by Ahikatsu's Seto Inland Sea-specific topography. I aimed to capture the fascinating continuous transition of buildings and landscapes from various eras as one of Ahikatsu's interesting vistas," the artist explained.

The future of Ahikatsu's landscape will undoubtedly witness the mingling of elements from various time periods. How its historical essence is preserved and occasionally updated will be the key to its continued transformation.

General Director: Yasumasa Hayashi
Art Director: Tsutomu Yoshizaki
Artist: Barbora Žišková + Antonín Srup

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