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所在地:広島 安芸津
敷地面積:- ㎡
建築面積:- ㎡
構造・規模:木造 地上2階

- 対話としての住まい






改修以前の焙煎工房は、母の営む店舗の一部を間借りして営んでいた。 しかし、喫茶スペースがないことを始め、世代交代を機に焙煎工房に主軸を置くことを施主は望んだ。


- Housing as Dialogue - 

Akitsu-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City, along the Seto Inland Sea.

The abundant environmental resources have nurtured a rich industrial landscape, including sake breweries, oyster farming, and shipbuilding.

"Akitsu Toshizane Coffee", located in a small shopping street in Akitsu,

This is a two-story wooden store/house that was repaired after it was flooded by heavy rains in western Japan.

The inundation damage added to the aging shopping district, and many private stores were forced to close.

Before the renovation, the roastery rented a part of the shop run by owner's mother.

However, starting with the lack of a cafe space, the owner wanted to take the opportunity of the generational change to put the main axis in the roastery.Therefore, we expanded the roasting workshop along the road and visualized the coffee bean manufacturing process such as the bean shelf and roasting machine that connect the flow of raw beans, roasted beans, and packing. The entrance dirt floor sandwiched between life and work is a dual-purpose space that can be used for cafes and events, while having a residential function with a guest room, study, and kitchen. how people want to live How do you deal with unexpected disasters? I think that the house exists in such a dialogue. The interface between housing and livelihood has changed along with changes in family composition and the regional structure of Akitsu. By adding depth to the borders, we aim to create a multi-layered resident's daily life, and to create a situation in which both these and the scenery of the rural town are the "background". That is exactly the attitude of the shop owner who is trying to face the city after the disaster recovery, and the dialogue with life will continue.

Design:Yasumasa Hayashi, Nagi Kumagai, Ginij Nakatsugawa
Structure design:-
Photo:Tsutomu Yoshizaki
Location:Akitsu, Hiroshima
Main use:House and Roastery, Gallery
Site area:-m2
Building area:-m2
Total floor area:68m2
Structure:Wooden structure, 2nd floor

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